Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vegetable tart & stuffed peppers

After too many chocolates and dinners out these past few weeks we're now eating healthier (more veg) and no more chocs. The plan is to stick to this until Christmas. That's two months. Let's hope we make it!

So last night I made a vegetable tart. It was a combination between a quiche and an onion tart recipe which I got from my mom.
I cooked the spinach and fried some onion, garlic and bacon in a pan. Lined the dish with phyllo pastry, added the topping plus some feta and grated cheese and folded the pastry over.

I thought it might not be filling enough for Andre so I made stuffed peppers too. This recipe I got from a Spanish cookbook which we got as a gift from my dad and stepmom. It's got some great recipes in and I'm trying another one tonight.

Chop the tops off the peppers and remove the seeds.

I spooned some previously prepared mince in each. Topped with feta and grated cheese and replaced the pepper tops again.

Bake the tart and peppers for half an hour at 180 C.
Enjoy dinner and then ask your husband to do the dishes!

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